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Tonya Morris


Tonya is a Tennessee native with a decade of experience in the wedding industry. An incredible eye for detail and a beautiful sense of creativity. She moved to Greensboro, North Carolina in the Fall of 2007 and soon after found her love for design. 


Tonya is a dreamer and a perfectionist. She is constantly thinking of ways to better serve her clients and challenging herself to create visually striking florals and unique designs for each and every event.


     On a personal note; Tonya is a woman who loves wine & bourbon, cooking for her friends and of course "all the pretty things". Those who know Tonya describe her as a gal with a big heart, down to earth with a no excuse, get things done attitude. 




Our lead coordinator and head of operations - Lizzie works closely with our clients to ensure that they have the most beautiful and smooth events possible! 



The Momma to us all and the studio sounding board. Carrie is a huge part of day to day operations, has her hands in wedding floral design and oversees home landscape installation. 

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