feelings friday

is this allowed?? Can I really put pen to paper or fingers to keys....get some stuff out and it be ok? I really don't know, but I know I am not ashamed and you shouldn't be either. You know, life isn't always garden roses and anemones. Sometimes it's enemies and thorns. (ephesians 6:12) Over the last three years, I have been discovering. Sometimes about myself, sometimes about people I have loved and sometimes about people I have lost. (proverbs 3:5,6~ my moms life vs.) I have had thoughts and cried out "Take this, hold me, I can't" Then the promise- When it hurts and when it doesn't make sense - Sing the praise of the one who you can cling too. But, have I? I'm guarded......answers

Remember the day it snowed?

Who else had an amazing holiday season? Christmas lights, delicious food, snow, and lots of friends and family. I love it all. ABBA Design has definitely had an incredible past few months. Remember the first day it snowed this winter here in NC? It was December 9th, a busy and exciting day for ABBA Design. We had two beautiful snowy weddings and a Country Club Gala. A Gala? Yes! And amazing Holiday Gala held at the Greensboro Country Club for their exclusive members. This Country Club is a special place for many people in Greensboro where they can come enjoy lots of activities with their friends and family. The Holiday Gala is one of the many GCC events put on throughout the year where membe

When Rustic and Elegance Collide

"When rustic and elegance collide." That perfectly sums up this amazing wedding at the Addison Farm. We took a beautiful rustic venue and showered it with rich color and touches of elegance. We love working at the Addison Farm because it already has so many amazing features that we just enhance with some pretty! Because that's what we do best... all the pretty! Have you ever done anything outside with strong winds blowing? It's not easy. We had the wind working against us as we tried to keep the flowers from literally blowing away! Especially our floral arrangements on wine barrels. These barrel arrangements were a huge part of Ally and Cam's wedding. Ally came to us towards the beginning st

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