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Invigorated by Intrigued {Part 2}

It's time for Part 2! If you haven't read Part 1 yet (which you should :) I am continuing to tell about the incredible speakers I met and heard from at the Intrigued Experience. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I came back to North Carolina invigorated with amazing techniques and fresh ideas!

Now to finish telling you about the awesome designers....

Carly, aka the Flower Chef with Flour LA has so much drive! I really enjoyed listening to this amazing lady tell the story about her recently published book called "The Flower Chef." She was so persistent in getting this book to the shelves because she is passionate about sharing her floral arranging knowledge! "The Flower Chef" has several flower recipes for people to create DIY arrangements at home.

Wink Design and Events.... I LOVED listening to these women speak. Their passion for design and events was evident in their voices. Their personalities were amazing and so intriguing (no pun intended :)

Margie with The Lovely Ave creates her flowers out of PAPER... Just paper! Y'all, the best part is that they look amazing and extremely real. She started her company after she made her own wedding flowers out of paper. I loved seeing such a unique way of creating beautiful floral arrangements.

Bob Conti with Ed Libby and Co. Events... Wow! They have an incredible business model. I love the way they cater to and relate to their clients by getting to know the clients personally at their very first meeting. They truly create such a personal experience from start to finish.

Adelena with Fleurology is an amazing designer. She is in the process of creating a platform for designers to find freelancers in and near the cities they are traveling to! I can't wait to check out this platform.

Jon'll with Completely Yours Events is amazing and really seeks to give back to the event and design community with her knowledge and creative abilities. She spends time mentoring other planners and also created a 9 week online event planning course. You can tell she loves what she does!

I am so glad that I got to experience such an amazing event. It was refreshing to be in another state among other designers and gain more knowledge about florals, design and events. I am very excited to combine my styles and knowledge with everything I learned at Intrigued.

Stayed tuned for our upcoming weddings.... My creative juices are flowing after the Intrigued Experience!

Love Y'all!