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When Rustic and Elegance Collide

"When rustic and elegance collide." That perfectly sums up this amazing wedding at the Addison Farm. We took a beautiful rustic venue and showered it with rich color and touches of elegance. We love working at the Addison Farm because it already has so many amazing features that we just enhance with some pretty! Because that's what we do best... all the pretty!

Have you ever done anything outside with strong winds blowing? It's not easy. We had the wind working against us as we tried to keep the flowers from literally blowing away! Especially our floral arrangements on wine barrels. These barrel arrangements were a huge part of Ally and Cam's wedding. Ally came to us towards the beginning stages of her wedding planning with one "must-have" inspiration picture... A wine barrel arrangement. Of course we LOVE doing these. They are one of our specialties. For the most part, all of Ally and Cam's design stemmed from the colors in this one inspiration picture.

We always work with our bride's budget. There were definitely similarities in our arrangement and Ally's inspiration picture. We love to get to know the bride and see all the pretty things she's pinned(yes, we are big Pinterest lovers). That way we can create a similar look to stay within her budget, but also something that is unique to ABBA and unique for the bride.