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feelings friday

is this allowed?? Can I really put pen to paper or fingers to keys....get some stuff out and it be ok? I really don't know, but I know I am not ashamed and you shouldn't be either. You know, life isn't always garden roses and anemones.

Sometimes it's enemies and thorns. (ephesians 6:12)

Over the last three years, I have been discovering. Sometimes about myself, sometimes about people I have loved and sometimes about people I have lost. (proverbs 3:5,6~ my moms life vs.)

I have had thoughts and cried out "Take this, hold me, I can't" Then the promise- When it hurts and when it doesn't make sense - Sing the praise of the one who you can cling too. But, have I?

I'm guarded......answers of "no complaints here" & "I'm great"

Really? Well, bottom line without my belief there's no me. Without, His sacrifice.... I'm not who I am. Despite my selfish actions- this is my core and the only reason I am and who I am.

Can someone who has the ability to create such beautiful things and joyous events really have those feelings???? Here's a thought- what if (I/we) constantly lived like we are forgiven? Like we {knew} what merciful restoration meant? I know it, I know it in my core ~ from extreme experience. That's what gives life to the darker days. But, if my life showed it [always] would it somehow effect the world?

Questions of "Have I ever known real love??" ..... Well, let's face it. I am in the face of love or the appearance of LOVE constantly...

Then a beautiful peace rushes over all my doubts. It speaks so loud and tells me, you already know the best love ~ a sacrificial LOVE - which happens to be available to all. (john 3:16)

I may not be seen by all, but I am seen and known and loved ........ through and through completely... by the one who matters.

My hope is you are too!

Love Y'all


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