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Classy Gray

We are involved in a lot of weddings at ABBA Design. And by a lot I mean it's what we think about, dream about, and DO. And of course like anything we have some of our favorites. Maybe it's our favorite design, maybe it's our favorite couple or maybe it's a wedding at our favorite venue. We have lots of favorites and this sweet bride and groom AND their families are some of our favorites. We loved designing and coordinating for Ann and Drew. Their wedding was so much fun and beautiful and their love made it even more perfect.

Ann and Drew decided on Summerfield Farms to tie the knot. For their overall design, we consider it a little rustic with class. We did a couple of our famous barrel arrangements for their ceremony pieces. We don't do many weddings inside the barn at Summerfield so this was something different for us. Typically we are out by the "Little Tree" for ceremonies, but Ann and Drew decided to have their wedding indoors.

Their color palette was simple with shades of grays and pops of burgundy. For their floral design we incorporated shades of burgundy, purple, and a variety of greens and white.

One of our favorite greens, especially for fall and winter is the magnolia leaf. It has a beautiful copper color on the bottom of the leaf which brings such beautiful color into the arrangements and bouquets.

Ann's bridesmaids dresses were a charcoal gray color which was an amazing neutral yet classy color to mix with their bold bouquets.

One thing you don't see often is matching groomsmen and bridesmaids. The groomsmen wore a gray suit which created a beautiful uniform look in the bridal party. This bridal party was incredible. They were fun, easy going and supported Ann and Drew all the way.

Ann and Drew's reception was one for the books. Amazing food was served and of course cake... everybody loves cake. These guest and families like to dance! 815 Events brought the music and the people brought the moves.