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5 Things to Know Before Your Initial Floral Consultation

Whether florals at your wedding are the most important thing to you, or something your future mother in law is making you get to impress the extended family, you are still going to need to start the vetting process with an initial consultation with a potential florist. And while they are the professionals, they are not mind readers - so here are 5 things to prepare you for that initial meeting!

1. Inspiration photos! Everyone has a different definition of what "whimsical" or "traditional" means - so photos showing exactly what your floral style is, are the most helpful way to show a potential florist what you want. Inspiration photos are also a huge help when it comes to explaining your color scheme. Telling a florist that your colors are pink and green leaves a lot of room for misconceptions, so pick photos that show exactly what color flowers you are looking for!

2. Be prepared to discuss the dreaded "B" word - BUDGET! We all know it is the most anxiety inducing conversation, but it is something your potential florist needs to know. There is nothing worse than spending hours putting together the perfect floral proposal just to hear that it is "over budget"- it is much easier for your florist to have a starting point, or at least a general idea, rather than go back and forth a hundred times to get the number to where you feel comfortable. Your florist is also able to make budget friendly recommendations during your initial meeting if they have a price point in mind.

3. Have a floor plan in mind. It does not need to be perfect or exact, but know if you want all round tables, all rectangular tables or a mix of both! Without a rough floor plan or table count, your florist is going to make an educated guess on how many centerpieces you may need, thus leading you to receive a flower proposal that may not reflect what you actually need or want!

4. Along the same lines of the floor plan and table counts - be prepared with how many bridesmaids bouquets, groomsmen boutonnières, and family flowers that you will need. Again, having these counts allows your florist to put together a proposal that is as accurate to your needs.

5. Lastly, do a little research! Know what flowers you are drawn to and love, or ones that you absolutely do not want to see in your wedding flowers. If you don't know the name of a certain flower you love but can describe it or point it out, that makes a florist's life a lot easier. However, don't be mistaken, your florist is the professional and will make recommendations, but having some knowledge of what you love will help guide the conversation to other flowers that would have probably never heard of!


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